The TRX suspension trainer is available in 4 types, The TRX GO, TRX Home, TRX Pro & TRX Tactical, however the home and pro versions are by far the most popular and we are going to take a close look at the differences between them.

TRX Home & TRX Pro Price

The TRX Home is £149 compared the the Pro version at £188. At around a 20% difference in price (nearly £40), we will compare the differences in the 2 versions to help you decide whether you want or need to splash out this extra cash for what you get.

Home VS Pro Overview

The TRX Pro was designed more for the professional (Gym / Personal Trainers) than for the home user.  So TRX have made the Pro more rugged, and suitable for heavy usage day in and day out. It also has rubber grips and adjustable foot cradles.

Whats included in the Pro Kit and Home Kit?

Suspension Trainer

Suspension Trainer

Home tc
Pro sta

Skill Level






Ideal For

  • TRX HOME is our best-in-class Suspension Trainer, proven to deliver more results in less time. Keep your workouts fast, fun & effective.
  • TRX PRO is our strongest, most durable Trainer used by Pro sports teams, world-class athletes and personal trainers around the globe.


Dense Foam

Antimicrobial Rubber

Printable Workouts



Video Workouts



Anchoring Options



OK for Home Use

OK for Outdoor Use

OK for Gym Use

App Included





100% One-Year

100% 90-Days


6 downloadable Workouts with PDF Guides:

  • Arms & Shoulders
  • Chest & Back
  • Core
  • Legs & Hips
  • Stretch
  • Total Body

Home Gym videos and Guides PLUS:

  • TRX Metabolic Blast
  • TRX Endurance Circuit
  • TRX Trainer Basics
  • 8 week Challenge Program PDF workout


Dense Foam for Comfort

Antimicrobial, non-slip rubber

Anchoring / Mounting Options

  • Door Anchor
  • Suspension Anchor
  • Door Anchor
  • Suspension Anchor
  • Xtender


1.4 lbs

1.4 lbs


Locking Carabiner

Foot Cradles Size


NEW Adjustable Foot Cradles

Adjustor Type

Barrel Locks

Barrel Locks


Mesh Bag

Mesh Bag

Suspension Trainer Wear and Tear

We have field tested both versions  of the TRX Suspension trainer pretty extensively and there isn't a substantial difference in the wear and tear on the products over a long period of time.

TRX Pro Handles  VS TRX  Home Handles

The TRX Pro handles definitely feel a lot nicer. The handles are made of an anti slip rubber that gives the product a more premium feel, where as the home have a high density foam handle. Both handles are hard wearing and will last a very long time. You will notice the difference more if you train with the Pro version at the gym and the home version (well... at home!)




TRX Pro Foot Cradles VS TRX Home Foot Cradles

The TRX pro foot cradles are adjustable, so you can get them more snug around the foot with your foot less likely to slip through the cradle. A minor annoyance in the home version which can happen more if you train in socks or barefoot, but a nice feature of the pro nonetheless

Which one should you buy

If budget is a limitation for you, then you won't go wrong with the home version, where as if you want something slightly more premium, or want it to feel the same as the one in the gym, then the pro version may suit

If you have any questions about the TRX Home or Pro, get in touch with us by email: [email protected]