1. Stretch & Roll Yourself Fitter & Stronger

    Stretch & Roll Yourself Fitter & Stronger
    Most strength athletes believe that muscles are simply bundles of fibrous tissue that have the ability to contract, produce movement, generate force and stabilize body parts. This is why many will invest heavily in the best whey protein shake money can buy and stock the cupboards full of creatine monohydrate, but why too often stretching isn't a top priority for...
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  2. TRX Pro VS TRX Home

    TRX Pro VS TRX Home
    The TRX suspension trainer is available in 4 types, The TRX GO, TRX Home, TRX Pro & TRX Tactical, however the home and pro versions are by far the most popular and we are going to take a close look at the differences between them. TRX Home & TRX Pro Price The TRX Home is £149 compared the the Pro...
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  3. Guide to Foam Rolling

    Guide to Foam Rolling
      Every gym, studio and crossfit box has them. You’ll see them at your physiotherapist’s office and if you’re working in the industry no bag is complete without it. You’ll see people in some crazy positions trying to loosen their hard to get areas whilst attempting to maintain their equilibrium so they don’t fall flat on their face!   But...
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  4. How to improve your Physique

    How to improve your Physique
    What you need to know about transforming your Physique Wherever we look we see rippling muscular physiques. From fitness magazine covers to pop stars and athletes. The health and fitness industry is subsequently booming with so many trying to emulate their icons. However, lets get this straight, there is no magic formula to achieve the physique of your dreams. Getting...
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  5. Carbohydrate Timings

    Carbohydrate  Timings
    When's the best time to consume carbs for training? I’m sure most people are sick and tired of reading posts related to carbohydrates.  This informal article will take a slightly different approach and explore carbohydrate intake timings for bodybuilders and physique athletes.  We all know that carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source and need to be utilised effectively rather...
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  6. The Reps and Sets Conundrum

    The Reps and Sets Conundrum
    Lets be honest we’ve all been to the gym and completed 3 sets of 10 reps on 4 exercises then left thinking we’ve had an amazing session. However, have you sat back and thought what you’re actually trying to achieve? What are your training goals? Is 3 x 10 suitable and specific?
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  7. Occlusion Training - Get Big With Less Weight

    Occlusion Training - Get Big With Less Weight
    What is Occlusion or Blood flow restriction training? Looking for something new to try to mix up your boring gym routine?  Want to build muscle by lifting less weight? Keen to get an insane pump?  Then try Occlusion training. Occlusion means closure or blockage.  Occlusion training involves limiting the blood supply to the muscle or group of muscle being exercised. ...
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  8. How much protein should you consume?

    How much protein should you consume?
    A frequently asked question in the fitness world is 'How much protein should you consume?' With the help of Qualified Dietician and Natural Bodybuilder Tom Hicks we tackle the question...
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  9. How To Build A Rock Solid Core

    How To Build A Rock Solid Core
    Everybody wants the perfect 6 pack you see on the front cover of magazines. However, achieving a rippling torso isn’t easy. Just think, if it was easy surly everybody would have cheese grater abs.
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  10. When Is The Best Time To Train?

    When Is The Best Time To Train?
    Some people enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn and visiting the gym. Others can’t think of anything worse and decide to tackle the weights room a little later in the day. To help you decide which ones best, we’ve teamed up with Head Sport Scientist and Co-Founder of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Ross Edgley to look at how your body responds differently to training in the morning or evening.
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