Trigger Point MBX Foam ball
Trigger Point MBX Foam ball Trigger Point MBX Foam ball Trigger Point MBX Foam ball
Trigger Point

Trigger Point MBX Foam ball

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The Trigger Point MBX Massage Ball is recommended for the athlete that prefers intense compression and works well with dense muscle development. The ultra firm EVA foam (in comparison the our other massage ball's) compresses tissue which promotes blood and oxygen flow to enhance overall movement and range of motion. With a non-slip texture, the Trigger Point MBX can be used on any hard surface allowing you to roll anywhere, anytime. For optimal results, place the ball directly on the area of discomfort, apply pressure and roll side to side.


The TriggerPoint MBX Foam Massage Ball is designed for optimal compression to release deep aches and pains.

  • Use to release deep aches and pains
  • Target the muscle directly for deep compression
  • Extra firm EVA massage ball (compared to standard ball) for those that prefer intense compression
  • Convenient size (around 7cm diameter) for travel and portability

Triggerpoint Massage Ball Exercises

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