Jaw Grips Purple Pull up Grips

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Product Description

The Jaw Purple Pull up Grips are a customisable grip that will ensure you get the perfect fit.

The Jaw Grips are made from a premium fabric and used by pro athletes and cross fit enthusiasts all over the world. The grips are hand made from a fabric that strikes the perfect balance between comfort, flexibility and thickness. So they will move with the reflexes of your wrist, maximising mobility and comfort.

You will be better protected in your workout when you use the jaw grips, protecting you from rips and blisters and even better the grips do not harden from perspiration.

They are useful for pull ups, muscle ups, toes-to-bars, knees-to-elbows, kettlebells, dumbbells, and any general barbell or rig work.


How long they last will depend on how frequently you use your Jaw Grips. If worn every day during your workout, they will have a 4 - 5 month lifespan.

If you wear your jaw grips only for pull ups, toes to bar or similar exercised, they should last you around 8 - 12 months.

Fitting your Jaw Grips

Upon receiving your grips you will be able to cut the finger slits to your preferred size. Before you cut your grips, though, lay them flat across your palm to see if the size is appropriate.

After putting on your wrist strap, check to see if the finger slits lay over the bottom crease of your middle finger. If the fabric does not reach the base of your fingers it is too small.

Do not cut the grips if you are unsure about the fit. Once you cut them you cannot return them. Contact us if you have any questions.

After you have confirmed the fit, carefully cut the finger slits to your desired size. Keep them as small and snug as possible (it will gradually stretch a bit over time). Cut with a pair of sharp scissors in an upwards direction first before the cut towards the bottom. This will avoid oversizing the hole.

Lastly, chalk up and you're ready to go! Enjoy your new JAW Pullup Grips!