Ironmind Expand your hand bands (Set of 2)

Ironmind Expand your hand bands (Set of 2)

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The Ironmind expand your hand band (Set of 2) includes 10 bands, 2 of each strength available. The 5 strengths are colour coded, which each step up increasing the level of resistance and are made from latex-free rubber.

Included in the Pack

2 x White Band - Very Easy
2 x Green Band - Easy
2 x Yellow Band - Medium
2 x Blue Band - Hard
2 x Red Band - Very Hard

The ironmind bands can help

  • Reduce Paint from Tennis Elbow
  • Develop muscle balance, speed recovery and reinforce full range of motion mobility
  • Prevent, eliminate or reduce pain from tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related forms of overuse and abuse