Fat Gripz Original

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Product Description

Fat Gripz turn normal width bars into thick bars both quickly and cheaply compared to buying dedicated thick bar equipment or trying to find a gym with thick bars. Training with Fat Gripz helps improve overall strength and grip strength in paticular and is a must for anyone serious about improving in these areas.

How do Fat Gripz Work?

Increased Muscle Activation

Using a thicker bar will stimulate and activate more of your muscles accross the whole upper body including your hands, forearms and upper arms. Increased muscle activation means you will have higher strength gains and develop larger muscles

Reduced Imbalances and Injury

Training with fat grips make the extensors and flexors in the forearm work more evenly, which will help prevent muscle imbalances, which can lead to injury. Also thick bar training spreads the weight over a large area, which may professionals credit this with making training safe, and less likely to cause you injury. 

Works more muscles

Training with fat gripz will help you use more muscles across your hands, fingers and forearms during your lifts. This will help you improve your overall strength.

Natural Movement

Thick bars perfectly replicate the natural function of the human hand – lifting heavy, awkward objects.

Increased Concentration

Lifting with a thick bar requires more concentration, which some people credit this alone with making them significantly stronger