Jordan Fitness Neoprene Covered Kettlebell

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Product Description

  • Beautifully made cast-iron kettlebell with slick colour coded neoprene covering to protect your studio and gym floor
  • The handle is the optimum distance from the bell to ensure comfort and safety.
  • Designed to ensure the kettlebell sits on the forearm and not the wrist during strength-building exercises
  • Numerous workout benefits including boosting functional strength increasing cardiovascular fitness and importantly they re fun to use
  • Available from 4kg to 32kg in 4kg increments as well as sets from beginners through to advanced.
  • Womens Beginner Kettlebell Set (1 x 4kg 8kg 12kg)
  • Beginner Kettlebell Set (1 x 12kg 16kg 20kg)
  • Intermediate Kettlebell Set (1 x 20kg 24kg 28kg)
  • Advanced Kettlebell Set (1 x 28kg 32kg 40kg)
  • 10 Kettlebell Full Set (1 of each weight)