Jordan Fitness Jungle Gym XT

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Product Description

  • Its unique split design means you can quickly and easily adjust the forces on your body by changing the width of the system meaning it morphs from a V-shaped to neutral to wide-angle suspension trainer.
  • Dual straps allow anchor points to be moved closer or further apart to alter training stress
  • Works your whole body whether you re executing press-ups pull-ups or simple stretches
  • Rubber handle is durable comfortable and easy to clean solid offset heel straps ensure greater ease of access and comfort
  • There s no need to clip a foot cradle on it is all ready to go
  • Two industrial suspension straps (8 feet each) Two integrated easy-wipe handles and easy-in foot cradles Two comfortable in-line adjustment buckles Two non-scuff door anchors and two strap end adjuster's One Non-Scuff Duro-Link Anchor