Ignite V2 Urethane Studio Barbell Set - Colour coded

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Product Description


With its super-tough finish, unique locking mechanism and innovative anti-roll design, the new Ignite V2 Studio Barbell is an all round great performer. And if it's star quality you're after, with multiple bespoke colours, custom laser etched logos and an ergonomically designed easy-grip centre - for use as a dumbbell - the Ignite V2 Studio Barbell will rock your gym. 


Barbell Set includes:

1 x Gloss Black Bar

Pair of Quick Lock Collars

2 x 1.25kg Discs

2 x 2.5kg Discs 

2 x 5kg Discs 

12 x Barbell Set includes:

12 x Gloss Black Bar

12 x Pair of Quick Lock Collars

24 x 1.25kg Discs

24 x 2.5kg Discs

24 x 5kg Discs 

1 x Studio Rack (holds 12)

30 x Barbell Set includes:

30 x Gloss Black Bar

30 x Pair of Quick Lock Collars

60 x 1.25kg Discs

60 x 2.5kg Discs

60 x 5kg Discs 

1 x Studio Rack (holds 30)