1. Fitness Tips For Ladies - Carbs are not the Devil!

    Fitness Tips For Ladies - Carbs are not the Devil!
    Carbs have been given a bad rep and are very misunderstood by people today due to many low carb fad diets circulating in the fitness world, media and on social networking. Low carb can be detrimental. Carbs are needed during HIIT/ weight training for fuel. They are stored in the muscle cells as glycogen and provide the energy for a training session.
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  2. Winter Lean Gains

    Winter Lean Gains
    We get iSupp ambassador and fitness model Mathew Tidball's views on bulking and dieting over the winter months...
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  3. Don't be a Christmas Turkey!

    Don't be a Christmas Turkey!
    We understand that Christmas is an occasion to relax and have fun which usually includes indulging and boozing. However, you do not want to undo all your hard work you have put in during one week of madness. By all means relax and live a little but it’s all about sensible choices and earning your treats!
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  4. Fat Loss For Females | Rachel Hobbs

    Fat Loss For Females | Rachel Hobbs
    So what are the best ways to lose fat and get the “toned” bodies many females desire? Primarily to maintain and increase lean muscle mass I would always recommend a women to start resistant training – yes working out with weights! This will not make a woman “bulky” as females simply to do have the high testosterones levels that the species from Mars have!
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  5. The Most Common Gym related Injuries (and how to avoid them)

    The Most Common Gym related Injuries (and how to avoid them)
    Whatever your fitness goals, getting injured surely isn't one of them. In this article we cover the most common gym related injuries and explain how to avoid them.   Two common reasons for gym injuries are: Poor posture during the working day, which eventually weakens your entire musculoskeletal structure. Doing too much too soon in terms of reps and weight. A...
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  6. Muscle Building Meal Plan

    Muscle Building Meal Plan
    We have put together a Physique Boss Muscle Building Meal Plan specifically aimed at those looking to put on muscle and reduce bodyfat. Follow this plan and you WILL see results. Email your results to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our website.   The Meal Plan   Daily Nutritional Breakdown  
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  7. Body Transformation | Mike Collins

    Body Transformation | Mike Collins
    Being a Semi Professional rugby player for 7 years my focus was on being heavy and strong with little regard for my body fat percentage. Since deciding to stop playing rugby in November 2012 I shifted my focus to improving my physique, with a lower body fat percentage and increased lean muscle mass.
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