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  1. Quest Bars Review

    Quest Bars Review
    The recent king of the protein bar world, the bandwagon has continued to gather pace in recent months, where people believe the quest bar is a guilt free treat that can be squeezed quite easily in daily macro calculations.   Double Chocolate Chunk Total Calories: 160 Protein: 20g Total Carbohydrates: 25g (with 3g of Net Carbs.) -Sugars: 1g -Dietary...
  2. Maximuscle Promax Lean Bar Review

    Maximuscle Promax Lean Bar Review
    Each Maximuscle Promax Lean Bar contains 206 calories and contains a superb 2000mg of L-Carnitine per bar along with green tea, caffeine, 23g of protein, high fibre to keep hunger at bay. This bar has a very good nutritional breakdown for a post workout meal. Low fats and 10g sugar.   Nutritional Breakdown Total Calories: 206  Protein: 23g  Total...
  3. ISS OhYeah Protein Bar Review

    ISS OhYeah Protein Bar Review
    This bar is huge, big in stature, big in calories and big in fats.  So not ideal for those who are watching their waistlines.  More of a protein packed treat than a regular daily dietary item in our opinion.   Amount per 85g Serving:  Total Calories: 380  Protein: 26g  Total Carbohydrates: 31g  -Sugars: 8g  -Dietary Fiber: 4g  Fat: 19g ...
  4. PHD Diet Whey Protein Bar Review

    PHD Diet Whey Protein Bar Review
    A small bar that packs a powerful 25g of protein inside. Very low sugar and low fat which is ideal for a snack.  With added cla, l-carnitine, probably not enough mg of the cla or L-carnitine on their own to make a difference but if your already supplementing with these products this bar would be a nice little top...

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