1. Spice up your nutrition

    Spice up your nutrition
    Don’t be a bore - Spice up your meals We all know that dieting can be extremely boring and repetitive. This article will introduce you to the benefits of selected herbs and spices. Remember dieting doesn’t have to be boring! Introduce these to your meals for improved taste and a whole host of health benefits.   Cinnamon Cinnamon is a...
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  2. Carbohydrate Timings

    Carbohydrate  Timings
    When's the best time to consume carbs for training? I’m sure most people are sick and tired of reading posts related to carbohydrates.  This informal article will take a slightly different approach and explore carbohydrate intake timings for bodybuilders and physique athletes.  We all know that carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source and need to be utilised effectively rather...
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  3. Oat Chicken Recipe

    Oat Chicken Recipe
    Looking for a healthy version of KFC? We got it covered! We have been trialling our new Oat Chicken recipe with friends and family over the past few weeks and everyone is saying the same thing "it tastes just like KFC" the difference being that these baby's contain far less fat than their fast food counterparts (most of which comes from healthy coconut oil) Give it a go and let us know what you think via Facebook and Twitter!
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  4. Beetroot Burger Recipe | High Protein, Low Carb & Delicious!

    Beetroot Burger Recipe | High Protein, Low Carb & Delicious!
    Healthy does not have to be boring! Our beetroot burgers are high protein, low carb and jam packed full of tasty healthy goodness. A firm favourite at Physique Boss HQ!
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  5. Protein Pancake Recipe

    Protein Pancake Recipe
    Pancakes CAN Be Healthy! We like to do things a little differently here at Physique Boss! So, with the help of our good friend and culinary wizard Mitch Lee we have uploaded a video which will show you how to make ultra healthy, high protein pancakes. Eating clean does not have to be boring!
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  6. How much protein should you consume?

    How much protein should you consume?
    A frequently asked question in the fitness world is 'How much protein should you consume?' With the help of Qualified Dietician and Natural Bodybuilder Tom Hicks we tackle the question...
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  7. Fitness Tips For Ladies - Carbs are not the Devil!

    Fitness Tips For Ladies - Carbs are not the Devil!
    Carbs have been given a bad rep and are very misunderstood by people today due to many low carb fad diets circulating in the fitness world, media and on social networking. Low carb can be detrimental. Carbs are needed during HIIT/ weight training for fuel. They are stored in the muscle cells as glycogen and provide the energy for a training session.
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  8. Tips For Healthy Eating | Rachel Hobbs

    Tips For Healthy Eating | Rachel Hobbs
    Rachel Hobbs gives some key pointers to help you ditch your unhealthy eating habits and start the New Year as you mean to go on... Like a BOSS!
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  9. Competition Winner Gareth's Progress Log - Week 1

    Competition Winner Gareth's Progress Log - Week 1
    Over the years I've trained from time to time, and played sports but never ever religiously. In fact the majority of time if I wasn't with someone who knew what they were doing in the gym, I'd spent most my time skipping songs! Since setting up my own clothing label, I've become a lot more aware of the fitness industry...
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  10. Nutrition - Back to Basics!

    Nutrition - Back to Basics!
    Looking for appropriate information on the internet can be a struggle with nutritional basics often being over looked. We’ve decided to take you back to GCSE/A Level biology. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, keep things simple and get the results you desire.
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