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  1. Stretch & Roll Yourself Fitter & Stronger

    Stretch & Roll Yourself Fitter & Stronger
    Most strength athletes believe that muscles are simply bundles of fibrous tissue that have the ability to contract, produce movement, generate force and stabilize body parts. This is why many will invest heavily in the best whey protein shake money can buy and stock the cupboards full of creatine monohydrate, but why too often stretching isn't a top priority for...
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  2. TRX Pro VS TRX Home

    TRX Pro VS TRX Home
    The TRX suspension trainer is available in 4 types, The TRX GO, TRX Home, TRX Pro & TRX Tactical, however the home and pro versions are by far the most popular and we are going to take a close look at the differences between them. TRX Home & TRX Pro Price The TRX Home is £149 compared the the Pro...
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  3. VELOCITY - HIIT and Abs Workouts

    HIIT and Abs Workouts | VELOCITY Everybody wants that rippling torso you see on the front cover of leading fitness magazines.  Our VELOCITY HIIT and abs plan will help you achieve the physique you desire!  Evidence suggests that a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and abdominal exercises are crucial to revealing the elusive 6 pack/abs.  This package...
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  4. Tailored EVOLUTION

    Tailored EVOLUTION - Bespoke diet & Training plan Following the successful launch of our EVOLVE programme (more info here)  the next off the production line is our TAILORED EVOLUTION. The Team at Physique Boss strive to provide you with what you want. And the TAILORED EVOLUTION package cannot be any more specific to your individual needs. We are fortunate...
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  5. LOVE COFFEE? Then you'll love this Prize Draw!

    LOVE COFFEE? Then you'll love this Prize Draw!
    To mark the launch of our first training plan - EVOLVE, we have teamed up with Coffee Experts  The House Of Coffee & Brilliant Raccoon® to offer you a chance to win some seriously awesome coffee related goodies. Brilliant Raccoon® is a firm favourite at Physique Boss HQ and believe is when we say that it really does give your workouts an edge and...
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  6. Lose Fat & Gain Muscle - EVOLVE

    Gain serious muscle and burn fat The time has come to take control of your Physique with our best selling transformation programme, EVOLVE. This programme is designed specifically for MALES looking to improve their body composition by reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle. One of the main training goals for men is to Lose fat & build muscle...
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  7. Partner Offer Codes

      Huge Savings, exclusive to Physique boss We have teamed up with some of our favourite brands to offer huge savings for our readers, you will not find these offers anywhere else on the web! Simply use the codes shown below on the relative websites to start saving!       The Protein Works™    -   10% OFF EVERYTHING THE PROTEIN...
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  8. Physique Boss Store

    Following our formation in 2013 we have experienced rapid growth and are now providing comprehensive training and nutrition programmes. The team at Physique Boss have a wealth of experience and we aim to offer you a range of programmes to match your goals and meet your individual needs. We trial all our programmes prior to release to ensure you will...
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  9. Contact Us

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  10. Transformation Packs

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